Thursday, October 19, 2006

'Classmates' reigns among Kerala's Ramadan films

The end of the month of Ramadan is near. New releases are still away, so this list remains unchanged.

The top five Malayalam films are:

1. "Classmates" - The Midas touch of director Lal Jose has given a new lease of life to young actors like Prithiviraj and Jayasurya.

2. "Keerthi Chakra" - Mohan Lal battling in Kashmir is still holding the audiences' interest.

3. "Mahasamudram" - Mohan Lal as a fisherman generated a lot of hope but the equation has gone wrong somewhere.

4. "Don" - Dileep wanted to do a trademark Shaji Kailas-style movie. His wish was granted but the audience has not accepted it wholeheartedly. It may not turn out to be the commercial success it was expected to be.

5. "Pathaka" - Yet another political thriller starring Suresh Gopi and biting the dust, but the film remains on this list for want of competition.


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