Tuesday, November 07, 2006

German industrialists visit Kerala

A ten-member team of industrialists and professionals from Germany visited the State to explore the investment prospects here. The group reviewed the management culture and industrial relations prevalent here. The team led by Wolfgang Holtgen, Managing Director of Holtgen IT projects of Germany, also held discussions with industrialists, company managers and management professionals.

A press release issued by FACT here on Monday said the team was particularly interested in gauging the scope of foreign investment in Kerala, safety of investments, extend of Government control, nature of trade unions and industrial relations here.

During their one-week sojourn in the State, the German team held discussions with the heads of various companies, representatives of Kerala Management Association and Vice Chancellor of the Cochin University of Science and Technology.

The German team made a detailed presentation of their culture, social life, child upbringing and educational set-up during their interaction with industrialists here. They also acknowledged the fact that many research scholars from Kerala went to Germany to refer ancient books available in German libraries and museums.

The press release said many entrepreneurs in Germany were eager to make investments in Kerala. The team will present their views on the industrial atmosphere in Kerala before various entrepreneurs in Germany.


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