Saturday, March 17, 2007

Kerala man all set for space voyage

Kerala's Santosh George Kulangara will become the first Indian tourist to space when he takes his two-hour space flight organised by Global space tour operator Virgin Galactic.

The 35-year old traveler from Kerala state owns a small publishing company near the city of Kottayam.

"I am really excited not only because I'll be the first space tourist but the first journalist to go to space," Kulangara said. "I can show my people in India what Earth looks like, experience of travel, preparation and re-entry to Earth".

Santosh George found out about the tour through the internet. The process began with a web application to the space tour operator.

Kulangara will travel to Paris where a meeting of the voyagers is slated for May 10.

Kulangara has visited 50 countries and he is doing a popular television programme called Sancharam.

Two US-based Indian Americans have also signed up for the flight.


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