Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sand sculptors to welcome Onam in Kerala

With Kerala's most popular festival Onam just a week away, the spirit of festival is already in the air.

Sand sculptor Deepak has arrived on the Kerala Coast, creating the replica of Malayalee's all time favourite King - the legendary Mahabali on the famous Shanghumughom Beach in Thiruvananthapuram.

With Onam round the corner, people in Kerala are gearing up to welcome Mahabali in style.

"I do it for fun. It's nice to see so many people coming and watching my work. It gives a lot of happiness to them and to me as well," said Deepak, sand sculptor.

Mahabali, the Asura King, had immense love for his praja and his rule was known as the golden period.

Legend has it that Mahabali visits his people every year on the Onam Day. And the crowd reveals just how much they love the Asura King and also the artist's work.

"It's a neat work. Whosoever has done, this has been done with lot of dedication and talent. Only a true artist can do this," said a devotee.

Deepak wants to follow the footsteps of Orrisa's famous sand sculptor Sudarshan Patnaik. But even as he pursues his dream, he has just one prayer on his lips - may Onam bring peace and prosperity to everyone.


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