Saturday, August 19, 2006

Stir against Coke plant off in Kerala

A major anti-cola resistance group called off their four-year-old struggle demanding closure of the Coca Cola plant at Plachimada in Kerala.

The Adivasi Samrakshna Sanghom leaders Velur Swaminathan and Mailamma said they were calling off the agitation as one of their major demands had been met with the LDF Government.

Kerala's LDF government has banned two soft drink giants Coca Cola and Pepsi in the state after Centre for Science and Environment reported pesticides in the drinks.

The Sanghom leaders said they would approach the Government and court seeking compensation for the losses suffered in the course of agitation, which had drawn national and international attention.

They said the demands made by them when the agitation was launched in 2004 were closure of the cola plant and compensation for "losses caused by the plant" in the area.

The first demand had been met with the Government banning production and sale of Coca Cola. Political and legal efforts would be launched to secure the second demand, they said.

Personal losses

The Sanghom leaders said since they had suffered "personal losses" in the course of the agitation, the government should help them financially.

They called for a detailed study to assess the "losses caused by the plant" in the predominantly tribal area.

The study will help carry out political and legal struggles for compensation, the leaders said.

The tribal group launched its anti-Coke agitation on April 22, 2004, alleging that the plant belonging to the Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Ltd was exploiting groundwater and causing pollution.

The struggle soon attracted national attention with several environmental groups, NGOs and human rights campaigners extending support to it. (PTI)


At 9:59 AM, Anonymous francier said...

I have worked with the tribals early in the struggle looking into the scinece of pollution.The Cola giant should pay compensation for the disrupted life of the poor Tribal community.Did Cola pay for the raw material; -water- as 5 liters of water is needed to darken and acidify 1 liter of coLa! Its injustice for greed.

At 10:00 AM, Anonymous jananeethi said...

Read :


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