Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Kerala temple insured for Rs 30 mn

The famous Kumaranalloor Devi Temple near here that was damaged by a blaze last year has been insured for Rs 30 million.

"Last year a major fire damaged a portion of the temple and we had to spend Rs 2.5 million to get it back into shape. So we decided to insure it against fire," said C.N. Shankaran Nampoothiri, the temple's manager.

The temple is considered one of the most important of the 108 durgalayas (temples of goddesses) in Kerala.

It is said to be more than 2,400 years old.

It is owned by nine different families and run by a temple trust of which Nampoothiri is the manager.

M.P. Ramesh Kumar of Oriental Insurance Company said the yearly premium is a little over Rs 16,000.

"The deal was finalised after nearly five months of discussions," said Kumar.


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