Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kerala political parties slam Saddam verdict

In a state where there is a Saddam Beach, a Saddam Store and a Saddam Junction, outrage against the verdict handed out to the Iraqi leader was not unexpected, but the high decibel protests against Saddam Hussain's death sentence has surprised even observers in Kerala.

All major political parties in the state have condemned the verdict against Saddam as a sham.

Minutes after the verdict was flashed on television screens, protest marches were visible on the streets across the state, with many protesters shouting slogans praising Saddam and calling for the W. Bush. Many of the rallies culminated with burning Bush's effigies.

Interestingly, leaders of normally warring parties like the Congress and the Communist Party of India- Marxist have also demanded quashing the verdict against Saddam in one voice.


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