Monday, August 21, 2006

Exiled Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen arrives in Kochi

Taslima, who arrived in Kerala for a four-day visit,today visted well-known indo english writer, Kamala Surrayya, at her residence and exchanged pleasantries.

"I am a woman.Women are not allowed to talk much," she said when asked if she was being persecuted as she was a Muslim woman.

Taslima said she yearns to go back to her country.

"I am not allowed to go back to Bangladesh.The government does not allow me to go there. If I go to Bangladesh, I do not know what will happen," said the writer, who is facing death threats from some fundamentalist organisations in Bangladesh.

"But I want to go back to my country," she told reporters.

She said she would be approaching the Indian government for a one-year resident permit.

Taslima, who was granted only six months extension of resident permit by the Indian government recently, said she was disappointed at not been given a one year resident permit. However,she said approach the government once again for a one year resident permit in February next year.


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